Tips for medium length hair styles

There was a time when most women felt that the best hairstyle for a special occasion was to leave the hair loose.

However, times have changed and so have the hairstyles. Today, one sees women sporting classy hairstyles, even for small homely events. Women with medium hair length are considered fortunate as they can sport different styles depending on the shape of their face. Hair cut to a length between the jawbone and collarbone is usually defined as a medium length hair.

Medium length hair styles are great for women of all ages. This hair style is very popular because women find this hair length more comfortable than very short or very long hair. Natural and full, sleek and straight, or curly and cute, medium length hair can be professional, romantic or flaming. A few tools and some styling products can give women the most amazing medium length hair styles.

Tips for Medium length hair styles:

Full and Natural:

Begin with wet hair. Part your hair in the middle or on the side, and comb. Apply voluminous hair gel or spray onto the roots of the back and top of your head, particularly the crown. Dry your hair until it is only just moist. Then, make use of a big round brush to blow dry your hair to make it as smooth and straight. When your hair becomes somewhat full and curly, finish it by applying a smoothing cream only to the last two to three inches of hair.

Modern and Sleek:
To create this type of hairstyle, follow the procedure for drying your hair with a big, round brush in the “Full and Natural” section above. Before you dry your hair, make sure that you plug in a flat iron and set it on its highest setting. When your hair is dry, use the straightening iron and use it in a small arc that follows the curve of your head. Keep moving the straightening iron around the head, taking extra care to making the ends around your face straight and even. Finish with a smoothing cream. Silicon creams are usually effective in creating a shiny finish without impacting the straightness of the hair.

Romantic and Cute:
If you have naturally curly hair, then use a curl-improving hair gel and then dry using a diffuser to get pretty, define curls. If you have straight hair, then begin with drying the hair first. Then apply a voluminous hair gel into the roots, and use a curl-improving hair gel. If working with hot rollers, roll the hair in parts, securing as you go. When the rollers cool down, tenderly undo the hair and remove. Allow the hair to relax and cool completely before gently splitting the hair with your fingers for a ruffled look. Don’t use a brush or comb, but spray lightly to hold the curls.

More attractive medium length hair styles:
Play with Layers:
A great way to work with medium length hair is by making layers. Due to the versatility of this type of hair, there are a number of options to layer your hair. Consult your hair stylist to know which type of layers would best suit your face shape.

Daily hairstyle:

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