Tips On How To Change Your Hairstyle

Tips On How To Change Your Hairstyle

Tips On How To Change Your HairstyleWe all want to freshen up and change our look a bit from time to time. One of the easiest ways to do this is to give ourselves a different hairstyle that will only further compliment who we are inside and out. But here’s the problem: after being so used to seeing our hair how it is every single day, it can be pretty hard to imagine ourselves with any other type of style or cut.

Changing your hairstyle is intimidating as we all have heard those horror stories about that one horrible hair cut that a friend of a friend got and had to live with for the next year. Avoid any possibility of that happening with this hair style tips below:

Choose Bangs

Bangs can suit almost any face shape and hair color on this planet. Bangs also give you that updated, trendy look in just a few short minutes and can easily be grown out in few short months if you choose that they aren’t right for you.

Bangs can be of all different shapes and types, from wispy, thin bangs to blunt straight cut bangs, to bangs that are choppy and uneven. If you are interested in bangs, definitely talk to your hairstylist and get their opinion on what will work best with your face shape and hair type.

Long and Lean

If you want to have long hair, that’s fine, but you will need to make sure that it is lean hair. This means that your long hair should not appear thick and unruly; rather, it should appear controlled and also have body and shape to it. This may be as easy as adding in some layers and thinning out your hair with some hair thinning shears, though there are more dramatic ways to style long hair to give you a completely different and updated look.

Curls are Always In

Loose, bouncy curls are always going to be in, no matter what year it is. One of the quickest and easiest ways to completely transform your look is to break out the soft curlers or your hot curler at home and start curling away! You can curl your hair using several different methods:

Curling Iron: A curling iron is the best way to give your hair those spiral curls, though this can take quite a bit of time if you have long hair.

Foam Rollers: These are the most gentle on the hair. Foam curlers are meant to be worn as you sleep. A foam roller kit will have several different sizes of rollers to give your hair a bit more natural look, or a totally funky and different look.

Rollers: Basic rollers are very time consuming and can be very hard to do unless you are a seasoned roller hair curler.
Braids: Braids are quick and easy, and you can sleep in them overnight. Untie the braid in the morning, and voila! You have cute, unique zig-zagging curls.


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