Frustrating Bangs

Frustrating Bangs

Frustrating BangsYou know the bangs that when you walk out of your hairstylists they are perfect, but when you get your chance to do them – you can’t. They are side-angled, straight-layered, and maybe even long; but can you ever get them the same. Do you have a cowlick in the middle that never straightens out?

Here is what you can do for your bangs.

Blow-dry your bangs towards the front of your face. If you are using a round brush the hair with the blow-dryer on it from root to end. If you then blow-dry your sides towards the same direction when you lift your head and part towards the side or near center, your bump in the front is gone.

Use a straightener for even straighter lasting results.
After blow-drying your hair put a Velcro roller in the front with another one behind it. Spray with a light hairspray and leave in while you apply your make up. Take out brush to your desired style and get the bangs you like.
If these two have your patience wearing thin, purchase a straightener and get your finished look. Just remember straighteners cause a lot of damage so use conditioner every time you wash it while using a straighter for a finished bang.

Apply a lite wax or shine, to keep your hair in place all day long. Lightly finish with a lite hair spray.


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