Top Skin Scares

The skin is said to be the biggest organ in the body. The same organ that protects us from strong sunlight rays as well as cuts and bruises is also the same skin that we try to beautify, nourish and improve every day. No amount of expensive makeup or spa treatment can replace clear, blemish-free skin; as we grow older, we are prone to more harmful factors that can damage our skin, so it is always best to be careful. Here are some of the top skin scares that help speed up our aging.

Sunlight. We have heard this before: not wearing any sunscreen leaves us unprotected from harsh UV or ultraviolet rays. A lot of us may have overlooked what that really meant, but it is something we need to take a little more seriously. Wrinkled, blotchy and damaged beyond repair is what can happen to our skin if we are not careful. While the sun can provide us small doses of vitamin D, extended exposure to the sun without any protection will cause prolonged damage to our skin, making this one of the top skin scares for men and women.

Smoking. It is quite difficult to see what advantages smoking can bring, more so to our skin. Lighting up a cigarette causes harm not just to the skin — the brain, heart and lungs are also affected by this so-called “cancer stick”. Do not be surprised to see early wrinkles due to premature aging if you are a heavy smoker. It rids us of essential vitamin C and encourages the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Not a smoker? Second hand smoke is also potentially harmful to you so it would be better to stay away from exposure to smoke or chemicals.

Sound diet. Extreme weight loss may be tempting to get into, especially in the summer, but be warned: if your diet is not supported by your doctor or nutritionist and there is an evident lack of exercise, studies say that 98% of yo-yo dieters gain their weight back. What does this do to your skin? It gives you stretch marks and can be a top skin scare as well. Make sure that you combine a proper diet with the right amount of exercise.

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