Ramadan fasting could help quit smoking

With bundle of blessings the holy month of Ramazan offers for human beings, the bad habit of smoking can also be avoided through fasting. Fasting is considered as a strong tool to maintain good health and effective cure for various psychological and medical disorders and health experts suggest fasting as … Read more

Is Passive Smoking The Leads to Cancer

Passive Smoking Leads to Cancer?

According to Agency for analysis for cancer, the secondhand smoking or passive smoking is one in every of the worst killer diseases within the world. Passive smoking Passive smoking or secondhand smoking is one in every of worst known human carcinogen, cancer-causing agent as per the agency for analysis on … Read more

Prevent Those Ugly Wisdom Lines: Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Face Looking Younger

As you get older and older, you gain wisdom and a few wrinkles to go along with it. However, there are tips below that can help prevent those unwanted wisdom lines aka wrinkles. Sunglasses and Sunscreen The sun is the number one influencer of wrinkles and other abnormalities that make … Read more