Veena Malik injures co-star

Veena Malik 'out of danger'Veena Malik, the Pakistani starlet,  is currently in India to shoot for her Bollywood film ‘Mumbai 125 km’. While shooting an action sequence with the actress turned out to be a nightmare for her co-star Vedita Pratap, who was brutally beaten up by Veena. Veena, who reportedly does not share a good rapport with Vedita, had to enact a fight sequence, which demanded little acting. But Veena got extremely violent in real and ended up injuring her co-star on the head.

Vedita had to be rushed to a hospital immediately. Narrating what happened on that ill-fated day, a unit member while talking to a tabloid said: “In the scene, Veena had to pull Vedita by the neck and bang her head on an iron rod. It created a lot of commotion on the sets and director Hemant Madhukar was brought in to resolve the issue. Vedita, who was furious, told Hemant that Veena purposely hurt her.” Vedita confirmed the incident and said, “It was an action sequence.

I was supposed to be beaten up. I don’t know what happened to Veena. She actually hurt me and she did it so badly that I had nail marks on my body. I don’t know what was wrong with her. And then she pushed me so badly and banged my head on the rod. After the incident, I spoke to the director and told him that she is deliberately doing this.

Acting is one thing, but this is just over acting.” When quizzed if Veena has issues with her, Vedita said: “I don’t know. I think somewhere she is just insecure or just waited for the opportunity to do something like this to me. As a result of the injury, I have marks on my forehead, which I have to undergo treatment to get rid off.” We guess Veena has mastered the technique of being in news for all wrong reasons!


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