College Coffee and The All-nighter

College, Coffee, and The All-nighterThere has been a lot of debate for a long time regarding the effects of caffeine on the body and mind, and some people think it’s absolutely horrible for you, while others are coffee enthusiasts and will drink coffee all day. But what are the benefits and set-backs of coffee?

Contrary to popular belief, coffee isn’t all bad. It gives you a little boost when you feel like you need it, tastes amazing, and offers a way to drink milk to those who don’t like milk. If you drink it in moderation, it isn’t detrimental to your health.

On the other hand, over-doing it with coffee can give you caffeine allergies, dehydrate you, and otherwise damage certain systems in your body.

Moderation is key.

And how in the world does this relate to college and all-nighters?

The body needs its rest. In order to be refreshed and revitalized, your body needs to sleep. So, obviously, if you’re trying to pull an all-nighter, your body will be completely sleep-deprived. This will leave you feeling exhausted, low on energy, and extremely tired the next day, so what good does it really do?

The good news about going to college online is that you can delegate your tasks and reference back to your online classroom as often as you need to in order to remember when your work is due.

It would be much better if they called it a half-nighter. That would definitely be doable! You have to understand, too, that whether you give yourself two hours or all day, it’ll likely take you exactly that long to get it done. So why would you give yourself all night? Cut it off at a reasonable time. If you can’t finish it by 1 am, chances are you won’t finish.

The problem for online students is that if you let yourself procrastinate enough to need to pull an all-nighter – or a half-nighter – then there’s a problem. How did it come to that?

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been at the point in my own online college career when I had an assignment due and worked late into the night to try to finish. There were a lot of instances, though, when I actually fell asleep at the computer and woke up with a nice checkered pattern on my cheek and a wet keyboard. Yikes!

There comes a point in your college experience when you really just have to reevaluate your time and what you do with it.

Just like coffee in moderation isn’t detrimental to your health, work and homework in moderation is the most balanced way to get things done. So, the next time you feel the need to pull an all-nighter after downing an entire pot of coffee, tone it down a little bit and drink a cup or two before working until midnight or 1 am. Your body, your homework, your grades, and your brain will thank you for it!


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