Winter Scarf trends 2009

fall-winter-scarfThe fall/winter seasons are coming and it is time for fashion scarves. As a beautiful accessory, scarves provide both warm-keeping and fashion functions. That is why women love scarves so much.

In the current market, there are not only traditional long shape scarves, but also thicker super long style and also elegant shawl style scarves. Each scarf has its own style and fashion feature. The most important part is that scarves add more lively and amusing to your winter fashion. You have no more scare for the boring winter days any more with the fashion scarves.

The long size scarves are always a favorite for European. They are happy to wear a warm scarf around their necks layer upon layer. Besides warmth, it can also bring you a childish interest. This kind of scarf looks beautiful if go with a sweater. However, fur coats or sweaters with complex patterns are not good choices for those scarves. If that, you look cumbersomely dressed.

The elegant shawl style scarves exhibit women femininity and elegance. Those scarves can be easily transformed with many patterns. You can either simply wear around your neck or just casually cross in the front. Both ways make you unique. Also, a unique pin could add more charming for you. Among the clothing you could pick, skirt dresses are absolutely perfect choices.

The slender long scarves are one of the most traditional style and also the easiest matching model. You can just randomly wrap around your neck and see how great you can be. From the matched dress, both light and deep colors work fabulously. There are tons of ways to wear slender long scarves. For example, a necktie knot is a great choice for scarf tying. It is the same as necktie tying. If you don’t know how to do that, ask your husband or your male friends.

Another important scarf style is square scarves in the scarf family. By size, the square scarves can be divided into two classifications: small square scarves and big square scarves. The scarf materials cover a wide range including wool, cotton, polyester, silk, and more. The detailed classification also includes whether scarves have embellishment or whether they have tassels. It has many ways to wear your square scarves, such as head wear or down triangle. More and more people like square scarves and even men are very cool with square scarves.

After you find your favorite scarves, another question is how to wear scarves. Actually the answer could be infinite. How to wear your scarves depends on the following factors:

  • your matched dress,
  • occasion,
  • scarf texture,
  • scarf shape, and more.

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