Fall Fashion trends

Certain trends in women’s clothing such as pantsuits are going to be again popular this fall. But there will be a change this year, the menswear staple is new yet again, but it will not all be mannish. Feminine collar and tulip skirt fall fashionplenums will be high on the trend list for fall. As well as colors that are rich will also make the news. Textures that are lush as well has a large part in this fall, as well as sweaters that are cozy knit and pieces of velvet are looks that are strong for the season.


When the leaves on the trees start to change is the time to get out the leather jackets. Leather jackets are one of the most versatile women’s clothing pieces that you can own. Whether your choice is a classic motorcycle jacket or the quilted look there are many unique ways to wear leather. Throw on a leather jacket to finish a cocktail dress making it hipper and younger or simply pair it up with menswear pants and a white shirt for the office.

Leather in women’s clothing is going to be seen all over the place, from tops to dresses. Also there will be a conservative and timeless but sexy leather shift sleeveless or women going bold with leather stretchy leggings. Both ways – leather has diverged out from only being for coats and jackets.

Give all that you wear a bit of chic by using your leather jacket in ways that are unexpected. It’s an abundant way to expand and wake up your outfits. A leather jacket with a black dress, and pearls for a dressy look can be worn this fall.

Classics to Own

From a fitted blazer to a classic white shirt, these fall basics will be in style every year. These timeless pieces of women’s clothing are a major investment, because they are able to be mixed back with trends and are wearable every season and will never go out of style.

A boundless jacket that is tailored and fitted to boaster all the curves, not a masculine baggy style – will go with almost anything jeans to trousers. A jacket always adds organization to the figure and provides curvy girls more lines that are angular, creating waistlines for types of figures that are boyish and smooths the bumps and lumps out for all shapes.

For a fall jacket fabrics choose fabrics such as tweed, corduroy, menswear plaid or denim or you can go elegant with leather, velvet, and brocade.

Building a Wardrobe

One of the first steps to building a timeless wardrobe is to have clothes that look great on you; flattering neckline are key because they bring attention to your face and up part of a woman torso.

Holiday Cocktail Dresses

You really do not need a cocktail dress but every trendy gal has one. This handy dress type is really perfect for all your holiday needs, except for those full formal occasions. The cocktail dress does not need to be really tight or super short to be a very sexy part of your women’s clothing wardrobe for fall. In fact, there are many styles of flattering cocktail dresses that work for most types of body like the classic sheath dresses and the one-shoulder styles.


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