Are you fit or are you healthy? Know the Difference

medical-weight-loss-programLong gone are those days when people believed that beauty is just skin deep. With the passage of time, the influence of media and the pressure to keep up with the norms and standards of the society has compelled people not just to lose their extra pounds but also lose their minds. It is important to remember that moderation is the key to success and if implemented the right way, it is possible for an individual to achieve any objective, specially something as significant as maintaining a healthy weight.

However, the world that we are living in today is functioning on extremity, which is the only reason why no matter how much effort you put in, the results are far beyond disappointing. Talking about weight loss, crash diets have never proved beneficial, the reason being that the results you achieve are temporary and it takes no more than a month to gain back those extra pounds that you had lost. Losing weight the healthy way is one of the best things because not only it gives a boost to your confidence and self image but also creates a sense of well-being, but remain mindful of the fact that it is only possible if you do it the healthy way. Following an unhealthy diet can in turn result in weight gain and it can take away a person’s will to pursue their weight loss plan any further.

Dieting has led to many unhealthy misconceptions about weight loss. There are no magical foods or drugs that melt away excess body fat. To reduce your weight, you need to make small, achievable changes to your lifestyle. You need to watch your eating pattern and increase your physical activity. Weight lost with the help of exercise is hardly ever gained back because most of the times the exercising habit can become a part of your daily routine. Like many other things, weight loss needs time and patience and that is why people resort to unhealthy diets to achieve quick results which can actually leave them feeling weak and lethargic. Remember, there is a difference in being fit and in being healthy, because the former is what you see on the surface and the reality is the damage that you are doing to yourself which, unfortunately cannot be seen until after a few days. People who follow unhealthy diet plans usually face the following:

Muscle weakness
– Dark Circles
– Sleep problems
– Lack of concentration
– Irritability
– Pale skin ( Mainly due to anemia )
– Arrogance to food

Following are the worst, most ineffective ways to lose weight and should immediately be chucked off your weight loss plan. If you are planning to lose weight effectively, there are couple of things that you need to keep in mind. First thing is to understand that you don’t need to starve yourself.
Food is the fuel for the human body and it is simply not possible to sustain without it. It is a false notion that abandoning food and starving yourself will help you lose weight. In reality, this is the most terrible thing you can do to yourself because food actually helps to speed up the metabolism which initiates the calorie burning process and when you go on starvation, there is no fuel present in your body to trigger the metabolism. As a result, you will end up feeling bloated and may even gain weight. By using starvation to lose weight, the body becomes undernourished, not getting enough calories to function properly. Those who use starvation for weight loss regain all of the weight and usually more when they resume normal eating habits. In following such a weight loss plan, the consequences can be as severe as lowered immune system, reduced mental capacity and even death. Weight is lost not just from the fat but all compartments of the body including water, muscle and even bone.

Also avoid following Single-day diet plans.Following one to two days diet plans like High Protein Diet, High Carbs Diet or High Fiber Diets can deprive the body of some of the essential nutrients that it needs in order to function and consequently, you will end up feeling lethargic. Do not eliminate any food group – choose from a wide range of foods every day instead and choose less processed foods. Have a regular pattern of eating and stick to it.

Last but not the least, do not even think about going on medication

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