Worst celebrity dressing at Red Carpet of Ponds Ensemble Show, 2009

Ponds Ensemble Spring/Summer Collection May, 09″ held at the prestigious DHA Golf Club in Karachi. The outdoor venue designed to host a stupendous red carpet with beautiful gowns and Pakistan’s most loved celebrities on view, it was a captivating moment, though the celebrity outfits didn’t impressed me at all.

The worst dress was of Amina Haq who was wearing a white T shirt with gold pant with her underwear showing. Her make up is also horrible. She definitely needs a stylist now days. She is the Lux celebrity but appearences like this will loose her charm.

Frieha Altaf is the uncrowned princess of events in Pakistan but she did not know how to dress up her self in an elegant way. The dress looked quite odd despite being designed by Sana Safinaz. She should try some authentic Pakistani wear for a change.

Atiya khan looked nice very simple but not suited for the event for sure. She looks like walking around in her house or just came after shopping with bags in hand.

I truly want to go up to Hadiqa Kiyani

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  1. I cam across this by chance and sheesh I have to say that Aamina didn’t seem to have only the worst dress but also the worst make up and look! I like her generally but this shot makes her look like she came from the jungles or wild or something!

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