Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 1

Coke Studio Season 5- Episode 1

Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 1
Coke Studio Season 5, the season of musical indulgence is here to sway the listeners with its charisma like every year.  Produced by Rohail Hyatt Coke studio has proved to be an edgy resurgence of folk, regional music with contemporary touch making Pakistani music scene praiseworthy. The house band and background vocals make a difference to each and every track.

Unlike every year Episode 1 of Coke Studio Season 5 was released a day before on internet & instantly grabs attention of loyal fans. There are mix reviews on social media about the tracks included in the first episode of Coke Studio season 5.

Coke Studio Season 5- Episode 1 Review

Paisay Da Nasha by Bohemia

Hoya Jadon Da Mein Jawan, Jagg Jung Da Maidan

Aapne Paraye, Mere Utte Goliyan Chalan!

Mere Waaste, Bache Nai Koi Bhajne De Raaste

Chhupa Firan Guzaran, Jiven Mein Nashe De Aasre!

Kara Takreeran, Akhbaaran Ch Bayan Davan,

Nashe Ch Mein 24 Ghante Paise Piche Dhyan Davan!

Jail Ch Yaar, Likha Yaaran Nu Tasaliyan

Kabarastan, Mere Dushmana Di Galiyan!

A social commentary in a rap song written and arranged by Bohemia asking ‘what have you learnt in this life so far? The lyrics depicts the life of common man these days who is caught up in a rat race for money and fame & makes a strong point that people don’t recognize the value of others until it’s tardy.

For the sake of melody he pronounces Qeemat as keemt which I find a bit annoying but it could be his accent.

Kamlee by Hadiqa Kiyani

Punjabi poet, Bulleh Shah’s compelling sufi poetry sung by Hadiqa Kiyani. The poetry explains importance of knowing yourself as understanding yourself is a way of bringing a person closer to God.

Hadiqa sounds desperate to sing each and every word. It’s not effortless from her side and reflects in her voice though soulful lyrics distract the listener well.

Charkha Nolakha by Atif Aslam and Uzair Jaswal

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali performed by Uzair Jaswal of ‘Qayaas’ in collaboration with Atif Aslam. Apart from some screaming by Uzair in the middle & a unique wardrobe by Atif this is a hit by Coke Studio. The song even succeeded in redirecting people towards the original version of the Qawwali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on you tube as evident from a comment which says ” thumbs up!! if COKESTUDIO brought u here :-)”.

Larsha Pekhawar Ta by Hamayon Khan

A melodious Pashto folk romantic song in which a girl is telling her beloved to come to Peshawar and bring her a black kameez and three or four fresh flowers. The song dates back to the first half of 20th century but the exact origins of the song are not known and there is no available information on who wrote or composed it.

Probably the most outstanding composition of the episode 1 of Coke Studio Season 5 is Larsha pekhawar Ta. The foot tapping music and Pashto cultural influence is interesting.

Tum Kaho by Symt

‘SYMT’ lead singer Haroon Shahid sings the about the initial feelings of attraction and interest for someone. The addition of meray sonhniya, meray mehrma( though pronounced as meharban), meray haniya meray dil janiya sound so good in the song though it sounds bit nasal in the beginning.

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