A B C of body cleaning using a body scrub

Facial scrub for dry skinI just remember my childhood days when my mother used to teach me the importance of cleanliness, and how to keep myself clean. At that age I feel really irritated every time I was told to wash my hand before or after each meal or whatever I eat and also when I was told to brush my teeth twice. And now when I’m grown up, I’m just left with only a smile when I tell any kid to keep himself clean.

Talking of cleanliness, we are just limited to washing our hands and bathing ourselves, but proper cleaning of a body is quite a heavy task to perform, it is more than just using a good soap. But before we talk of cleaning we must know the sources from where we collect dirt on ourselves, it is due to the following:

• Dirt particles and pollutants from the environment in which we live, is a major factor in making us dirty.
• Next in the list is that, which we always underestimate, it is our own dead skin. Very less knows that it contributes more than 90% for dirt in our house. So we are getting dirty even while sitting in a clean room.
• Next is the body oils that are secreted by our body, to keep it moisturized, instead it gets mixed up with the dirt particles and dead skin cell along with the sweat, to cover up with the layer of dirt in which harmful bacteria’s can grow on the skin.

So when we know the source, it is easier to apply the solution. So we need to clean these with something that can break oil to make them more soluble to be washed off with water, this is what soap is for. But that is not enough because, it just cleans oil from the skin; the thing that is left is the source that is responsible for the body odor i.e. dead skin. Dead skin along with the sweat creates an environment which is perfect for the bacterial growth. The best proof of this is your towel, this is the reason it stinks after few days of use.

To get rid of this the best solution that anyone can suggest is to exercise or use a good body scrub along with the hot spa or hot bath. The reason behind it is that, oils gets secreted by the oil glands which gets accumulated in the pores along with the dirt which can breed bacteria’s, leading to originating black heads or pimples. Exercise open pores due to sweating and same is done by a hot bath, after which a good body scrub should be used as it remove dead skin and helps in keeping your skin clean and healthy. Moreover using of body scrub helps in improving blood circulation due to the massaging done while scrubbing.

Be clean and stay healthy.


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