Ali Azmat wedding

Ali Azmat ties the knot with Fariha Khan

Ali Azmat wedding

Pakistan music industry’s wild child and perhaps one of the most controversial personalities (courtesy of his dagger sharp words) on television, Junoon’s ex-vocalist and the rock icon, Ali Azmat was married on September 10 to Fariha Khan Chapra, a television producer, according to

The news came as a surprise to his fans who had presumed that the rock star would never settle for something as serious as a full-time commitment. The rumors that Azmat vowed to stay a bachelor all his life, told female fans to keep no hopes.

When buzz about Azmat dating again began making rounds, fans perked their ears for an update on the star’s relationship status which was kept undercover for a long time.

As per the initial reports posted on, Azmat’s wife also belongs to the music and media industry. Khan was a producer at Aag TV and is currently working for Dunya TV. The wedding ceremony of the couple was held on September 10, where as the valima ceremony was on September 11. Both events took place in Lahore.

Junoon’s founder and lead guitarist, Salman Ahmad sent his estranged friend best wishes for finally getting hitched. He tweeted, “Samina (Ahmad’s wife) & I send our love & good wishes to @realaliazmat for finally tying the knot with Fariha C. InshAllah marriage will bring greater hope.”

Azmat began his career as lead singer for the band Jupiters and later went on to  join iconic Pakistani rock band Junoon (dubbed the U2 of South Asia by The New York Times). A solo artist since 2003, he is now well-known for his out-of-the-box videos and controversial songs such as “Bum Bum Phatta”.

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