anger management for children

Anger management for children

anger management for childrenWhen you think about anger management for children, you probably visualise toddler tantrums, time outs and the naughty step.

Unfortunately, anger issues aren’t restricted to the terrible twos – children of any age can experience difficulties controlling their frustration and anger, and it’s essential then as a parent that we’re equipped with strategies not just to help us stay calm, but also to help our children manage their anger.

Professional anger management for children

Mark Bradley has worked all over the world providing psychological support to individuals and families.

Mark works with whole families, and believes that professional support can be very useful in bringing expertise and objectivity to more complex family difficulties.

‘Independent of the family,’ explains Mark, ‘the professional is unburdened by the natural anxieties, deep emotions and frustrations that conflict and anger brings. They have the advantage of an evidence based approach and can provide a framework individualised for the family concerned.’

A professional can support you to implement practical strategies, designed to suit your individual situation. ‘They also can acknowledge and work on your role in the situation,’ says Mark, ‘which many parents find very hard to even see.’

What not to do

Alongside the techniques already described, there are a few things that it is important to remember not to do:

  • Don’t lose your own temper, raise your voice or makes empty threats. It’s really important that your child sees that you at least are in control.
  • Don’t try to make your child suppress their anger, or keep their feelings bottled up.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support as coping with an angry child can leave you feeling exhausted and helpless.

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