Helping Your Baby To Talk

Tips for Helping Your Baby To Talk

Helping Your Baby To Talk

Getting to know your baby is a huge part of the excitement of having a child and when they start to make noises and sounds, you know it won’t be long until they start to want to talk. Every child is different in terms of when they decided to start talking but by making some simple efforts to encourage them, you will likely see improved results. For a mom, waiting for a baby to start talking can be very frustrating, not only because you long to hear what they have to say, but because it can mean an end (or at least a reduction) in frustration based crying.

Lead by example

To encourage others to engage in an activity, it is important we lead by example and do that very activity ourselves. This is the same when encouraging your baby to talk. Engaging in regular conversations in front of, and with, your baby will help to encourage their interest and participation in language.

Talk is cheap

While it can be easy to get wrapped up in the sheer cuteness of your baby and start cooing and gurgling with them, talking to them in baby talk or incomplete sentences actually hinders their development. To build your child’s vocabulary of the English language, research has proven that speaking in full, adult sentences will help their understanding and ongoing use of words in the future.

Encouragement is key

Like anything, having someone believe in your ability to do something is a quick motivator and support to achieve. Regularly encouraging and congratulating your baby on the sounds they make will make them feel comfortable about talking and trying out new sounds and, eventually, words.

Word Association

Building your child’s connection with words through visual aids is a great way to stimulate their cognitive development. Baby products such as baby flash cards can be a fun activity that not only excite and interest your baby but help develop good understanding of sounds and words. Starting with noises, once your child’s language skills start to build, you can move into words and sentences.

Building vocab

Once your baby has started to develop basic language skills, working with them to increase their vocabulary through fun games can be a great way to build upon what they’ve already learned. Make a Match Memory Game and other similar baby products encourage your child to start to understand relationships between certain words, sounds and images. This will help further accelerate their ability use phrases and sentences.


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