Baby Dental Care

Baby Dental Care

Baby Dental CareIt is upon the parents to take care of their baby’s health. While proper food will keep a baby healthy, it is also important to ensure that the teeth, with which the baby chews its food, are in proper condition. Normally a baby has its first tooth at the age of six months, following which it has its set of primary teeth, better known as milk teeth by two and a half years of age. Sometimes, a baby may also be born with one or more teeth. Looking after a baby’s teeth is very important because it is its teeth structure that is the deciding factor in the formation of the baby’s jaw and the shape of its face. Also, healthy teeth assist in proper speech as the baby grows older. Therefore, it is extremely vital to follow homely tips of dental care for babies to ensure that the little one has healthy teeth and gums. In the following lines, explore what causes tooth problem in babies and how can they be relieved.

What Causes Dental Problems
Babies usually suffer from dental problems at the time of teething. Teething takes place between 6 months and 24 months of a baby’s lifetime and it is during this time that the baby is prone to dental problems. Some of the problems have been mentioned below:

Sore gums – Since new teeth are emerging, babies have sore gums during teething.
Restlessness – The pain during teething makes babies restless. They continually bite on clothes or anything within their reach.
Sleeplessness – The continual pain makes it impossible for the baby to sleep at night, bringing about other health problems.
High temperature and stomach aches – Teething sometimes leads to health problems such as high fever and diarrhea.

Dental Care For Babies
The pain experienced during teething is unbearable for many babies, while for others it may not be much of a problem. Nevertheless, it is important for parents to look after the baby’s teeth during this sensitive time. Here is a regimen that you can follow for the dental care of your baby.

Cold Water Dab
Teething is the time when your baby may have swollen gums. You may use a cloth dipped in cold water and rub it gently over the sore part of the mouth for relief. To ease the pain further, you can use your hands to rub the baby’s gums gently, but first make sure to clean your hands.

Teething Rings
A baby who is teething will have the urge to chew anything that comes in its way. In order to avoid infectious elements from entering its system, you can give your little one a teething ring to chew. A great way to resolve dental problems would be to store the teething ring in the refrigerator. Once it gets cold hand it over to your baby. Chewing on a cold teething ring would help relieve sore gums.

Several medicinal drugs are available for soothing the pain of teething. Both homeopathy and allopathic treatments are available for curing teething. But make sure you consult a doctor first; lest the medicines cause infections.

Special toothpastes are available in the market these days which give relief to the pain of teething. But before using these, ask your doctor as toothpastes often contain harmful anesthesia that may cause side effects.

Brushing twice daily is very important to kill germs that cause further harm to teeth apart from teething. Doctors suggest fluoride-free toothpastes for babies.

Take care of your baby’s diet during teething. Its diet should be rich in calcium and low on sugar. Try to give it mashed fruits and vegetables.

Dental Checkup
Lastly, it is very important to take your child to the dentist at regular inter


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