The Baby Food Diet

The Baby Food Diet

The Baby Food Diet

The baby food diet doesn’t sound like the most appetizing diet to try, mainly because it’s not. Mushy carrots and apple puree is great for babies, but for those with mature taste buds, reverting back can be a bit of a difficult transition.  That being said, there is no denying that the baby food diet is extremely popular.

Created by Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson about two years ago, the baby food diet took Hollywood by storm.Stars likeJennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and even our very own Cheryl Cole have sworn by this diet to shed those tricky pounds. But is this just another ridiculous celebrity craze or could those tiny jars really do you and your weight loss some good?

Let’s find out.

How it works:

The baby food diet has a few variations but the main concept is to eat baby food as a replacement for your meals.

The idea is that the small portions of mushy food will ultimately get you used to smaller meals and reduce your calorie intake to a fraction of what it was before to stimulate weight loss.

Some people choose to replace all of their meals with baby food, around fourteen portions per day to keep your calorie intake up to the minimum that your body needs.Others choose to have one normal meal and replace all others with baby food; some people just use it as a low-calorie snack.

As there is no strict set of rules for the baby food diet there is an element of picking and choosing whichever option you like depending on your lifestyle and ultimately how much weight you want to lose.

A typical day:

Eat baby food as meal replacements throughout the day as well as whenever hunger strikes, up to fourteen portions in 24 hours.

Evening Meal: 1 portion of grilled fish fillet and green vegetables.

If you follow the diet strictly with fourteen portions and a healthy balanced mealeach day you can expect to lose up to/around 7lbs in a week.

Plus points:
The good side to this diet is that because baby food is made predominantly for babies (surprise) it is free of additives and full of nutrients and vitamins so at least what you do eat will be very good for you.

You also have the portions already laid out in front of you so to speak and a lot of options to choose from, so there is an element of convenience.


Because the portions are so small there is a greater temptation to get hungry. In fact chances are you will get hungry. The texture of the baby food can also put people off the diet pretty quickly.

These little jars won’t be too kind on your wallet, working out on average about £1 per pot. With potentially munching through fourteen pots a day you can see how that adds up…

Plus eating mush fourteen times a day – FOURTEEN, really?

Something you also won’t hear in Hollywood is that this amount of puree = raging constipation.

There is also no exercise plan to go with the diet and no visible way to keep the weight off in the long term unless you’re committed to baby food for the rest of your life of course.

On the whole it’s much more of a crash course craze than a worthy weight loss plan.

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