Beautiful Blush

Many women shy away from blush, afraid that they will look harsh and over-done. The correct technique will help you avoid that problem!

Beautiful BlushThe right way to blush:

Smile or suck in your cheeks to locate the apples of your cheeks. Begin at the center of the apple and apply blush up to the corner of the eye and the temple. Blush should never go below the bottom of your nose, or any closer in than the iris of your eye. Applying blush high on the face makes your eyes sparkle.

After applying blush, blend with a dry makeup sponge. Use the edge of the sponge like an eraser on the outer edges of the applied blush to buff away any lines of demarcation.

Never apply blush below the cheekbones. This tripe of color only creates an illusion that brings the face down and makes you look older.

When the seasons change, change your blush! Deeper, rich colors for fall and winter, paler tines for spring and summer.

Note for oily skin: Excess oil causes the skin to grab color causing your blush to darken as the day goes on. Avoid this by powdering often, not with blush but with pressed translucent powder.


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