All About Makeup

All About Makeup

All About MakeupMost people, women in general want to look pretty, if not so much as “head-turning”. To achieve this goal, Face Lift is not the Number 1 option, and neither is Plastic Surgery. Both are much too expensive, risky and not at all affordable to the majority in the female world. The best option, and of course, most affordable, is Makeup. But makeup is not applied in whatever way. There are techniques and tips on how to apply makeup.

1) Powder:

Base: Choose the shade that is closest to your skin color. Avoid using too dark or too light shades. Either one will make

your face look burned or you were dipped in flour.

Finishing Powder: Choose the shade closest to your base powder by applying in circular motion.

Shading: Use the shade that is darker than your powder and brush it with upward, slant strokes just below the


2) Eye Makeup:

Shadow: Choose the color that will enhance the color of your eyes, make your eyes look deep set and bigger (for

smaller sllit eyes, and smaller (for bigger eyes.)

Highlight: If necessary, to make your lower brows prominent.

Shading: For cute little nose, shade the sides with natural color from the bridge to your nostrils.

Eyelids: Choose the color that best blends with your outfit.

Eyeliner: Make it as faint as possible.

Mascara: Apply it lightly so as not to look too heavy and make your eyes look droopy.

3) Blush:

Use the color that best suits to skin undertone, warm (orange or yellowish shade skin), cool (pink shade skin).

4) Eyebrows:

If you have natural well-shaped eyebrows, consider yourself very lucky, you do not have to do anything. For very thick

eyebrows, there are epilators to help you shape it they way you want, but for very thin or no eyebrows at all, use the

pencil and line your eyebrows in the a way that best suited to the shape of your face. Use the color closest to your hair


5) Lipstick:

Use the color that matches with your blush, only a little darker.


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