The Right Makeup for Any Workplace

The Right Makeup for Any Workplace

The Right Makeup for Any Workplace Letting natural beauty show is always a good choice, especially in the workplace. Using minimal makeup in natural shades can convey a poised, confident demeanor and highlight a woman’s natural beauty.

The makeup experts at Cover Girl suggest dotting concealer onto trouble areas before applying foundation that closely matches skin tone.

For a soft, natural glow, apply a pink or peach blush to only the apples of the cheeks, keeping it away from the hairline. A cream blush helps give a dewy, clean look.
Eye Shadow

Apply a base shadow from lashes to brow. Choose a color that is slightly lighter or darker than skin tone in a matte rather than a pearl or shimmer. Lightly dust a darker color into creases.

Eyeliner for the workplace should be a soft, smudged look rather than a harsh, dark line. Trace the upper lashes with a pencil, then smudge lightly with finger or brush. Match liner color with lashes or go slightly darker.

Mascara helps give eyes a bigger, more awake look. Lightly apply a coat or two to upper lashes only. Stay away from black or colored mascara for a professional appearance.

Apply only clear gloss or a neutral, matte color to lips or line in a color slightly darker than natural lip color and fill with clear gloss.


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