Beauty Tips for Men

Most men will not admit to needing beauty tips but deep down some men are just
as insecure about their looks as women are. Men freak out at the sign of gray
hair as much as women do, the best way to years off the way you look is to get
rid of gray hair. You should begin covering it up as soon as you begin to see
it, if you wait until there is a lot then it becomes more noticeable. By using
products like Just for Men you can color that gray away.

If you have hair that is a little on the long side and you start to notice that you are going bald. Try cutting your hair to a shorter style. Avoid the comb over altogether it just makes you seem older. As you begin to lose hair on top you may notice nose, ear and back hair. You can trim ear and nose hair and if you wish to you can get a wax to remove any unwanted back hair.

For skin care, try using a light moisturizer on the skin with sunscreen. It is just as good for men to get into a daily regimen for skin care. Do a cleansing then use an exfoliate scrub or mask and then follow with a light moisturizer. Once your skin begins to get smoother and softer, shaving won’t be such a chore. Also include your hands and feet in your daily grooming routine. Use a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells and then moisturize, you don’t have to use the pumice every day but try to do it at least once a week.

Some extra grooming tips are: If you are not the ironing type of person then right after drying your clothes in the dryer remove them so they do not wrinkle. In the warm and hot weather, wear light colors and cotton clothes. These fabrics will absorb less heat and any stains will be kept at a minimum. Also, to avoid embarrassing stains, consider trimming or shaving your under arm hair. There will be fewer odors and you will actually be cooler.

Here is a tip for extending the life of your razors, buy a bottle of mineral oil and some rubbing alcohol. When you are done shaving, clean out the razor and dry them. Then completely submerse the razor head in a shallow dish of mineral oil, use the rubbing alcohol to wash away the mineral oil.

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