Blouse styles for a larger waist

Several women are not blessed with a flat waist and find it difficult to shop for blouses; they don’t want to draw attention to the waist area.  If you are one of these women, oversized tops are not the answer; they will only make you look large.

Empire tops, small vertical striped blouses, blouses gathered above the bust area that drape loosely, unbuttoned jackets over blouses, blouses that do not cling to the body and blouses that fit loosely at the hips all work well.

  • Avoid belting the waist area.  Accessories are used to draw attention to an area, and a belt is an accessory.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes that visually add width, and blouses that cling to the less desirable parts of the tummy area.
  • Remember, loose fitting clothing does not mean over sized clothing.  Blouses that fit properly at the shoulders, bust line and hips will do more to minimize your appearance than over sized clothing.
  • Oversized clothing only make a person look large; the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

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