Body Treatments

Body treatments are meant to cleanse moisturize the body skin. Regular massages and gentle strokes help to revitalize the body, reduce stress, increase blood circulation and treat many ailments like strengthening the immune system and muscles. We will discuss here techniques for a full body massage and essential oils to be used for the purpose:
* Experts who can advise you on personalized methods according to your body type should handle first massage.
* Use slow and rhythmic movement for massages at home but do not try to treat the aching areas yourself and take professional help instead
* Acupressure is quiet good for relieving muscle pains and tightness. You can learn it and use it at home too.
* Aromatherapy uses essential oils to massage the body that enhance body’s healing potential. These oils can be blended to suit your body type and condition to rejuvenate it or treat headaches, migraines and colds along with many other illnesses.
* For good body care, combine body treatments with regular massages, aerobics and skin care essentials such as deodorants and liquid soaps.

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