Brilliant young director Najaf Bilgrami won the Berlin Award

Great news for all of us movie enthusiasts from the city of Berlin. Brilliant young director Najaf Bilgrami has made us proud! A movie that he co-directed, won the Berlin Award on Feb 9.

The Hamburg-based detail film Wagah by Supriyo Sen from India has been co-directed by Najaf and it has won the Berlin Today Award!

Wagah is a documentary about the parade and flag ceremony that takes place at a frontier post along the 1,000 km long border between India and Pakistan.

Wagah is all set to be shown during the closing ceremony of the Berlin Film Festival in front of audience comprising Hollywood luminaries including Kate Winslet, Jude Law etc. Our Ace Pakistani lad, Najaf, has recently won much accolades for his Pakistani Movie Zibhakhana too – Najaf was the director of photography. A writer, dramatist, director and actor Najaf has the unique distinction of being one of the few Pakistani artists who have studied for a professional degree from The London Film School. Kudos to him and anticipating more such awesome news at the international level from our artists.

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