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Poppy Agha
Khursheed Amina Agha, lovingly known as “Poppy” is the vivacious, lively and talented chef behind the popular show “The Taste of Poppy Agha in FoodistanFusion” on Dawn News. Born in Toronto, Poppy has learnt the art of cooking in Karachi, Pakistan. Primarily a self-taught cook, she started her culinary journey with a catering business at the age of 17. She has been cooking for the last 17 years. Influenced and inspired by her grandmother, Poppy has in-depth knowledge of several cuisines, specializing in Pakistani, South Indian, French, Italian, and Thai.

Akhtar Rehman
Akhtar Rehman hails from Mardan, the city of hospitality. He would have been running a business if it wasn’t for his mother’s delectable cooking that inspired him. Working with Marriott, Islamabad; he has many signature dishes like “Murgh Zandan”, “Gola Kebab with dry nuts” “Qazi Kebab” to his credit. 11 years since his first job, Akhtar has received many appreciation certificates from Marriott for his ability to cook traditional and classical Pakistani dishes and delicacies. He enjoys them in their original form and doesn’t prefer to alter them.

Amir Iqbal
Amir Iqbal, the young and talented chef has been a part of the popular show, Zaiqedaar on Zaiqa TV. He is also a menu consultant at the renowned Hobnob Café, formerly known as Copper Kettle which has a legacy of more than 25 years. It was only while watching chefs chop, stir and plate on television that he decided to become a chef. He is also well versed with Italian, Mexican and French Cuisines and this allows him to experiment with his cooking.

Mohammad Ikram
For Mohammad Ikram the simple flavor of Dal Chawal was the driving force behind becoming a Chef. He is one of the key chefs behind the scrumptious menu of all the Dumpukht restaurants of the Hashoo Group and is the Chef de Cuisine of the Dumpukht restaurant of Pearl Continental, Lahore. A specialized dumpukht chef, he loves cooking Chinese delicacies as well. Dedicated, hard-working and committed, Md. Ikram is a soft-spoken person at work who has 12 years of cooking to his credit. His expertise on Mughlai food has helped him conduct many workshops and promotions in Pakistan, India and England.

Pakistan chefs in Foodistan

Mehmood Akhtar
A Chef for the past 16 years Mehmood Aktar has been working with Avari, Lahore for over 10 years and after creating many exciting and mouthwatering dishes, he is now one of the strongest members of the same team. He is the most lovable and jovial Sous–Chef on the team. Time and again, Avari has presented him with many awards acknowledging his contribution to their kitchen. Drawn into the profession by circumstances, Mehmood would have been an engineer if not a Chef.

Muhammad Saqib
Some people train to become chefs, others are born with the gift. Muhammad Saqib, chef to a Pakistani dimplomat, has left many a diplomat and dignitary licking their fingers with his wholesome home cooked meals. Muhammad Saqib, is the younget participant representing Pakistan on Foodistan. He is the only Pakistani chef based in New Delhi.


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