Cheat on your Age

Our skin is very delicate and in order to keep it looking youthful and beautiful one has to take lots of care. Your skin looks its best in your teens but if you do not take proper care then you will start looking older than your age. Thus give yourself 15 mins everyday and care for your skin. With age no doubt you will lose the radiance and shine on your skin but there are ways by which you can easily cheat on your age.

Following are a few tricks that will help take 10 Years off your looks:

Get the Right New Haircut
A good haircut helps in cutting down age. Thus next time you visit your hairdresser make sure you go for a younger cut.

Color your hair
This is very important in order to take the years off your looks. Talk to your stylist about your look. If you have dark hair then go for some lighter shades because dark hair can make you look older. If your hair is already light, add highlights. Colouring your hair will also hide the gray and give you a complete make-over.

Bring shine into your Smile
As we grow older our teeth become yellow. Whitening your teeth is one of the fastest ways to take 10 years off your appearance.

Keep away from the sun
The rays of the sun have more potential to change the look of your skin than any other environmental factor. Thus keep away from the harsh sun rays. Always carry an umbrella and daily use of a sunscreen or foundation with an SPF 15. Use good moisturizer and drink lots of water.

Treat your skin once every week

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