Hair Care - Get Rid of unwanted hair

Getting rid of unwanted long facial hairs

Hair Care - Get Rid of unwanted hair After early infancy human have two types of hair, vellus hairs, that is soft,Hirsute Women short fine hair that cover most part of the body and terminal hair that is relatively long, coarse and pigmented like those on the eyebrows, eyelashes, and of course the scalp and pubic areas.

Males’ hormones such as testosterone, which are also known as androgens and are produced by both males and females, can increase hair growth rate and also transform vellus hair to terminal hair. It’s not surprising, therefore, that in many women; hirsutism is due to elevated levels of androgens.


Because the amount of body hair varies considerably from woman to woman and there is a wide range that is considered normal, someone may think she has excessive hair but not be considered hirsute. For example, heavy hair growth occurring on the calves or arms, areas where women normally have hair, areas where women normally have hair is not likely to be classified as hirsutism. Therefore, the initial step is evaluation via a physical exam to look at the pattern and type of hair growth.

If hirsute is confirmed, the next step is to determine underlying medical problems that may be causing the condition. This is accomplished by taking a complete medical history; administering a physical and if necessary pelvie exam and frequently ordering blood tests to determine hormone levels.

Slimming down can also help overweight women with hirsute because losing weight can decrease production of male hormones in fatty tissue. In addition weight loss can help women whose hirsutism is caused by PCOS. That condition puts women at increased risk for insulin problems, but shedding some extra pounds lowers the risk substantially. Plucking and waxing are other options but they may result in ingrown hairs. Lasers are the most permanent methods of hair removal- both methods damage individual hair follicles so the hairs do not grow back but they are little expensive and require multiple treatments.


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