Do You Commit Makeup Mistakes

Do You Commit Makeup Mistakes

Do You Commit Makeup MistakesHow many of you go to an expert for makeup? The answer is very few, as we all think ourselves to be expert in personal makeup, which most of the time leads to drastic makeup mistakes. These mistakes are usually due to incomplete understanding of the art.

Makeup mistakes needless to say spoils your overall look and makeover, making even your dress look like a burden. Do you belong to any of these makeup mistakes? –

1.The first and basic makeup mistake is done in choosing the right shade of foundation. The common believe is that foundation is used to lighten the skin tone but fact is that foundation is used to make the skin look even. Using a peach foundation on dark skin is a disaster.

2.The most common mistake is to draw a thick eye liner with the line extending much ahead of the eye lid. This ends up making your eyes look droopy and over decked up.

3.Eye shadow same as the lipstick is the next big mistake. Some times people even use the lipstick as eye shadow. The eye shadow has to be according to the dress and not the same as the lipstick.

4.Mascara is used to highlight the eye lashes and make them look thicker and the mistake is committed when too much of it is applied. Too much mascara makes the eye lashed stick out and too thick, making them look clumsy.

5.Mistakes with lip liner is committed by nine out of ten women. Dark lip liner with light lipstick shade is a common mistake. Lip liner helps in defining your lip shape but it needs to be merged once lipstick is applied and the shade and colour has to be the same. For thinner lips, draw the line inside the lip border and for thicker lips draw it outside the lip border.

6.Use of blusher is a tricky part of the makeup and is ignored if the technique is not known. Usually we tend to just brush it on the cheeks but the right way is to smile and use the blush with short upward strokes on the jaws.

7.Another very common mistake is to use makeup only on the face. This makes the face standout. Make up should be continued along the throat, to make the skin look even.


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