Natural Face Wash Recipes

Natural Face Wash Recipes

Natural Face Wash RecipesFace wash, a non-soap solution to face cleaning have gained much popularity. It is a face cleaning option devoid of all the ill effects of soap, the first being dryness. It has enhanced moisturizing element, which does not let the skin go dry and the natural ingredients in it, makes it a safe option. With all these beneficial aspects to it’s name, artificial face wash also has certain chemicals which at some time may prove fatal for those who use it regularly. Here are some natural face wash recipes –

1.Mix one spoon of fuller earth, one spoon of orange juice and half spoon of honey. Wet your face and then use it as a natural face wash. This is beneficial to take off sun tan and dry skin.

2.Milk is one of the best cleansers and the natural face wash recipe with it is to mic few drops of rose water with milk. Dip cotton into it and wipe your face. Repeat this twice or thrice before washing your face .

3.Mix one spoon of honey with few drops of lemon juice. Rub it thoroughly on your face to get back the lost glow and brightness. This is one of the best natural face washes for summer.

4.Mix one spoon flour with one spoon of milk cream. Massage your face with it. It is a great face wash and a scrub.

All these natural face wash, help to nourish your skin and clean it. Don’t massage your face with it for more than fifteen minutes. Make sure to wash it off well. These prevent pimples and other skin problems.


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