Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Eye Makeup For Green EyesNot many women are lucky to have beautiful hazel green eyes, which can make one look absolutely beautiful and stunning with the right eye makeup. Although, the eye color options for women with green eyes are limited due to their unusual eye color, they can still make fabulous use of the available options to give a dramatized look to your eyes. It is important not to tone down the color of green eyes; it has to be enhanced in the right way. In case you want to know more about eye makeup for green eyes, read the article to find some useful tips.

Eye Makeup Tips For Green Eyes
Colors & Shades
The idea is to enhance and dramatize the green eyes instead of toning them down. Therefore, go for shades and colors that do not compete with the eye color. Those with a darker green shade of eyes should choose lighter colors. Similarly, darker shades are better for a light hazel green shade of the eyes. The colors should also compliment the occasion for which you will wear the eye color. Colors like peach, violet, purple, brown, bronze, mauve, khaki and beige should be chosen for makeup for green eyes. A combination of colors of eyeshadow and eye pencils can also be used, rather than using the same color for both. Eyeshadow in shades of taupes, coral, mocha and lilacs will give a dramatic effect to green eyes.

Eye Shadow Application Tips
Choose any of the above mentioned shades and choose a light color as the highlighter for application. Lilac can be a good highlighter for green eyes. Apply a thick single stroke to the row bone and then apply it evenly on all over the bone. This is to be followed by a darker shade, such as deep purple, which is to be applied to the crease of the eyes. Blend well till it is uniformly applied over the crease. The combination of dark purple and lilac gives a stark effect to hazel green eyes. A combination of light brown and bronze can also be tried for a more subtle look.

Eyeliner/ Eye Pencil Application Tips
Once you have applied the eye shadow, you should apply eyeliner or eye pencil to enhance the look, though you can also leave the eye shadow if you want to keep your look simple. For green eyes, golden, dark gray, shades of plums and violets or shades of brown and bronze would be best suited. Apply the liner or the pencil by gliding it smoothly on the outer ‘V’ shape of the eyelid. Apply the liner or pencil on the lower eyelid as well, on the outer rim. Those who are using eyeliner should allow it to dry completely and avoid blinking the eye to prevent it from smudging.

Mascara Application Tips
Mascara for green eyes can be either transparent or in a shade of brown. After using an eyelash curler on the eyelashes, apply the mascara evenly and allow it dry completely by keeping your eyes open for a few seconds.


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