How To Create Sensitive Eye Makeup

Sensitive Eye Makeup

How To Create Sensitive Eye MakeupEye makeup is an effective way of enhancing natural beauty of eyes and the carefully chosen cosmetic products help in rendering a more mesmerizing look your eyes. Those with sensitive eyes should be extra careful in the selection of cosmetics for eye makeup because sensitive eyes are already more prone to eye infections such as itching, redness, swelling etc and wrong cosmetics can worsen your eyes’ condition.

How To Sensitive Eye Makeup

While buying eye makeup cosmetics for your sensitive eyes, always try to go for hypoallergenic or non comedogenic cosmetics. Almost all dermatologists recognize these cosmetics as having least probability of causing irritation to your eyes. All cosmetics have stabilizers to hold back the augmentation of bacteria.

However, with the passage of time and if the cosmetics cases are not kept carefully and tightly closed, then bacteria enter the cosmetics and start growing in it. The use of such cosmetics, which also contain bacteria, can cause swelling of the cornea and in extreme cases you may develop conjunctivitis. To prevent this, make sure to keep the covers of the cosmetics tightly closed and to replace the old cosmetics with new ones after three or four months.

A further factor that must be taken into account while opting for sensitive eye makeup is fragrance; it is advisable for sensitive-eyed people to buy fragrance-free cosmetics because fragrance may cause allergy to the sensitive people. Some other chemicals that can lead you to itching, flaking or redness are nickel, rosin and lanolin; so, make sure not to purchase the cosmetics containing any of these chemicals.

When it comes to choose eyeliner, choose crème wax-based eyeliner rather than liquid eyeliners. The ingredients of liquid eyeliner also include latex which can cause eye pain and redness. Be careful while applying the wax-based eyeliner and don it only outside the lashline and avoid rubbing it on the inner rim of the eyes.

Always try to choose a cream or gel-based eyeshadow instead of powdery shadow. The pigments that a powder eyeshadow contain can cause eye infection if they get in eyes anyway. Don’t use shimmering, glittery or metallic eyeshadow. In case, if shadow enters your eyes, wash your eyes promptly with cold water.


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