How to incorporate leather in your wardrobe

How to incorporate leather in your wardrobe

How to incorporate leather in your wardrobe

Strong, tough, provocative. A woman in leather doesn’t need to bring sexy back. Be it her leather bag or the shoes complementing her attire, leather reflects a sense of strength.

Here are some tips and tricks to accentuate your look with leather. From the edgy fashionista to the school run moms, we have ideas for all. This winter, resolve to incorporate one new leather item in your wardrobe and you will thank us.

Slam the Funk:

Sleek pants are possibly the best way to make a statement with leather for the young risk taker. A wardrobe staple, real leather pants are worth investing in. Channel your inner biker chick by giving leather jackets a go — tan may be the most wearable option but black makes a statement like nothing else.

Subtle in Leather:

If your style is more subtle, adds hints of leather in your ensemble. A shirt with a dropped hem or a loose silk dress can make for a more forgiving silhouette paired with your leather pants. You can even go for a cotton tunic and scarf for a dialed down look.

If you’re a mom who is always on the run and prefers casual jeans over leather pants, enhance your style with leather belts. Pelle Capanna’s leather clutch purses with jute fronts exude a casual elegance and will fit right into your lifestyle.

Dressed for success:

For the corporate woman who thinks ahead, let the strength of leather reflect the power in you. Invest in a classic briefcase or get one of those leather travelling tote bags. Leather tote bags or hand bags made of pure sheep or buffalo skin are more stretchable than other materials and give you lots of room to stuff your belongings.

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