Finding The Perfect Foundation for Your Complexion

finding-the-perfect-foundation-for-your-complexionFoundation forms your skin, so choosing what will look best on your skin is the most difficult task.People apply foundation only to make their skin fair but the real purpose of foundation is to give finishing and smoothness so a foundation should be like that which is fully absorbed in your skin and doesn’t looks odd and face thus,it should matching with the skin tone.Here, a guide to picking the right foundation for your skin type.

For Fair Complexion
If you have a fair skin tone then select foundation which is slightly darker than your shade because it will give you a glamorous look and if you will apply a tone more fairer than your skin tone instead of looking nice it will look odd.So in order to give a natural look choose a darker shade.

For Dark Complexion

If your complexion is dark then choose a lighter shade than your skin.It will give you a fair and fresh look but it should me matched with skin in such a way that it should be fully absorbed or applied in a way that it doesn’t looks over.

For Wheatish Complexion

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