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Food From the fridge to the face

food for face beautyTomato juice therapy

Tomatoes are a staple in every kitchen, used in almost every Pakistani dish. However, research suggests that this love apple (as it’s called in France) has numerous benefits for the skin as well. From curing large pores to reducing acne or soothing a painful sunburn or simply reviving dull and dead skin, tomatoes are worth squeezing on your face, reports Times of India.

Bless the hen — Egg whites

Eggs have a lot of protein, and while that protein is great for nourishing your body, the nutrients in eggs are great for nourishing the skin as well. Touted by many as a short-term face-lift, an egg white mask gives the face a healthy glow, diminishing the fine lines on aging skin.

Lips forever — Beetroot juice

We hate to find the sabzi made out of this dark purple vegetable on our dinner menu but just because it doesn’t suit our taste buds doesn’t mean that we should completely discard it. According to, using beetroot juice on your lips regularly helps to remove dark marks on the lips, leaving them soft and pink.

Spice it up with turmeric

Yes, turmeric, also known as the golden spice of the subcontinent, has other uses besides being used in curry. Believe it or not, this magic powder has the power to improve your complexion and skin tone — now we know why brides-to-be dive into pools of ubtan right before D-day.

Pamper the tresses with coconut milk

Unfortunately, many of us have been cursed with dry and frizzy hair and as a result of mounting frustration we resort to rigorous shampooing, followed by using a concoction of four different conditioners. Little do we know that we have a solution to all our hair problems in the pantry — coconut milk. According to, it’s an effective ingredient for hydrating dull, dry hair.

Ode to oats

One of the healthiest breakfasts, oatmeal cereal should be fed to the face as well as it can go a long way in keeping you looking youthful and glowing. So steal a tablespoon from your father’s Quaker Oats can, add three tablespoons of plain yogurt and one tablespoon of honey. Apply this blend to your face and leave on for about five minutes, then rinse with warm water.

All in a smile

According to, celery, commonly used in weight-loss diets, protects our teeth in two ways: the chewing produces plenty of saliva, which kills the bacteria that causes cavities. Secondly, the extra water contained in celery is a good way to clean your teeth.

Battling that breath

So if your neighbour at work reeks with foul breath, you know exactly what to gift her/him on their birthday. Parsley has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Just chewing a small handful of parsley is enough to reap the herb’s breath-freshening benefits.

Say bye bye to those bags

French fries may not be good for one’s thighs, but raw potatoes make for an excellent treatment for dark under-eye circles. Potatoes, which consist of a skin-lightening enzyme catecholase, are one of nature’s best remedies for naturally getting rid of these unsightly circles.

Troublesome toes

So if your nails are turning into a shade of yellow, and not because of a vibrant nail polish you’ve put, know you’ve neglected them for way too long. As you begin you pampering regiment, consider vinegar as it’s reported to have properties that can inhibit growth of bacteria. Soaking the feet for 15 to 20 minutes can go a long way in restoring the beauty of your feet.

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