Effective All Natural Skin Care

Effective All Natural Skin Care

Effective All Natural Skin CareA lot of products claim to be “all natural skin care” products, but are they really? Fact of the matter is, if you flip over any bottle of cleanser, toner, moisturizer or even facial masks that claim to be “all natural” you will find a host of lab created, unnatural ingredients listed on the back of the bottle.

So what is all natural skin care?
All natural skin care really starts from treating your skin from within. What ever we ingest or put into our bodies also affects our skin, something that many of us do not even pay particular attention to. So if you notice that you are breaking out more lately and that you happen to also be spending more time in the fast food lineup at a fast food chain, cut out the greasy foods and start cooking at home. If you notice a redder tint to your skin lately and have been having cravings for spicy foods, leave the spicy foods out of your diets for now and see where it takes you.

Another important part for all natural skin care is to get your digestive system moving along at a good pace. This means drinking a lot more water (which also helps bathe the cells and eliminate toxins of the body) and consuming more fiber (this also will remove toxins and also really rev start your digestive system). Be sure that you are consuming the following amounts:

For women: 19-50 years old, 25g of fiber; for women over 50, 21g of fiber
For men: 19-50 years old, 38g of fiber, for men over 50, 31g of fiber

You can add both more water and fiber to your diet by eating more things like apples, cauliflower, prunes, beans, flaxseeds, and any whole grain products. Try substituting brown rice for white rice and whole wheat pasta for white pasta. There are a whole lot of alternatives to using bleached “white” bread and pasta products out there – you just have to go looking for them!

Having your digestive system move is one thing, but having your circulatory system work is another. To get your blood pumping and flowing through your body, all you need to do is to take a quick walk ever so often around the office, indulge in a massage therapy appointment, or exercise.

Blood circulation is crucial when it comes to all natural skin care as it is the blood in our bodies that provides the nutrients to our skin. This means that the amount of nutrients received is very much dependent on how well our body is pumping blood through our veins, so it is important to ensure that the blood keeps circulating!

Most importantly, watch your diet. Do not indulge in foods that contain high quantities of white sugar. Sugars will cause cravings, fat build up, and have even been linked to cancer so you want to be sure that you consume these foods in moderation. Focus also on consuming good fats (that would be the omega 3 fatty acids) rather than the omega 6, omega 9, or whatever other fats may be in that double cheeseburger you had for lunch.


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