Hands with manicure

For Softer, Cleaner and Beautiful Hands

Hads with manicureHands take a lot of harassment from daily activity and still is one of the most visible parts of your body. You need to give proper attention and take care of your hands well, the same way you protect your face.

Even during dish washing, keep your hands smooth. This can be achieved by adding about a tea spoonful of almond oil on to dish water. While washing, the water will smoothen your hand and the oil will seal the moisture inside, this is a very good hand care tip.

Get rid of dead cells on your skin by exfoliating with a solution made of sea salt and lemon. Brush this on your hand using a tooth brush and wash it off. Repeat this twice a week in order to smoothen your hands and you can also get rid of skin discoloration.

– Use warm water and get your hand washed well and then quickly rub it using a rough cloth. Apply a mixture of honey and olive oil in equal parts on your hands and then insert your hands in to some regular plastic bags and then further on to a pair of thick cotton gloves for half an hour. The treatment’s effect is increased with the additional heat involved.

– Get a cup of warm milk and soak your hands in it for about five minutes. This will hydrate your skin as well as strengthen your nails. The calcium in the milk makes the nails stronger and the abundant lactic acid (which is a natural alpha hydroxy acid) in it helps in faster regeneration of the new skin cells.

Hand Massage

Rubbing on the back of your hands one hand at a time is good to improve blood circulation on them.

This hand massage is done the same way you rub your hands while washing and it warms your hands in addition to stimulating it and is a very good hand care tip.

Soft Hands

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