Get Soft Hands With These Skin Care Tips

Get Soft Hands With These Skin Care Tips

Get Soft Hands With These Skin Care TipsEvery lady wants to have flawless skin and they will do anything to achieve it. There are a number of creams and beauty products in the market that make false promises stating that once you use it, you will be bound to get that lovely skin, but how far are these beauty products to be believed?

Apart from face creams and body lotions, there are hand creams which are said to be of great use when it comes to making your hands soft and beautiful! However, here are some skin care tips for your hands, that can be followed for every season!

1.The best home remedy to try out is to was your hands thrice in the day with warm water and a hand wash. After which, soak your hands in warm water with a few drops of olive oil. Wipe your hands dry, with the help of a tissue!

2.Have you heard of a hand mask? This is a simple home remedy you can try out. A dab of honey, a tablespoon of salt and a few drops of lemon! Mix the three contents together and rub them gently on your hands. Regular use will give you positive results. A good skin care tip for the summer as well as for the winter season.

3.One of the best skin care tip for hands is mint leaves soaked in warm water along with a few drops of lemon. Insert your hands into the bowl of water and for five minutes or so, rub your hands together. Once finished, wash gentky with the help of a hand wash.

4.Exfoliating is also one of the best skin care tips one can follow. Just like how you treat your face, the same home remedy with the help of sugar and honey can be done to get beautiful hands. Massaging the hands with this mixture, will remove all the dead skin and thus give you soft and supple hands!


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