Henna Hair Treatment

Henna Hair Treatment

Henna Hair TreatmentHenna hair treatment has been gaining popularity all over the world in recent years, and even today its popularity continues to grow. The craze for all things natural is widespread, and a hair care product like henna fits right into this craze. Fortunately, henna does in fact have many side effects, as long as you are using authentic henna, and not one of the many synthetic substitutes available, many of which are quite dangerous.

Products such as black henna and neutral henna are not really henna, but are prepared from other dyes. Many of these products, particularly black henna contain harsh chemicals that could have disastrous effects. These products are usually used for temporary tattoos and other body art, and not for hair care. However, it is good to be aware of this and avoid making costly mistakes.

How To Use Henna for Hair :-

Henna treatment for hair involves using henna powder mixed with an acidic fluid such as lemon juice or tea. This releases the key ingredient in the leaves, and also turns the powder into a paste that is easily usable. Once the paste is ready, you should cover your shoulders with a towel so that you avoid staining your body. It may also be advisable to wear gloves, as the henna can stain your skin too. Start applying the paste to topmost layers of hair, one strip at a time. Gradually work your way down, wrapping the hair around your head as you work. The longer your hair is, the more carefully you need to wrap it. It is extremely easy to use henna hair treatment on short hair. For long hair, the best technique is to wrap alternate strips of hair in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction as you apply the henna. Another important thing you need to remember is to apply the henna from the roots outwards.

Once you have finished applying the henna, you can let it sit for a few hours, depending on how strongly you want to dye your hair. Some people start the henna hair treatment a few hours before bedtime, and wash it off only in the morning. Remember not to shampoo your hair till at least 24 hours later. Simply rinse off as much of the henna as possible, and then, after your hair has dried, brush it to get the few remaining grains of henna out.

If you prefer, you can instead use a henna wax hair treatment. This is a mixture of henna and other plant extracts. It is easier to apply and also more suitable for dry hair. However, be sure that all the ingredients in the product are safe.


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