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Home Remedies For Shrinking Your PoresOf course we rely on the advice and direction from our healthcare providers for serious infections and emergency situations, but do we really need to run to the walk-in every time we have a headache or itchy skin? With these five tips you’ll save some time and probably a few bucks finding household goods to help ease common ailments.

  1. Yogurt for bad breath. In general, bad breath comes from the mouth and the stomach. The live cultures in yogurt have a neutralizing effect on the acid that hides out between your mouth and stomach, and if ingested on a regular basis can treat those odors caused by other foods.
  1. Duct tape removes warts. In a 2002 study, researchers found that putting duct tape on warts had a higher rate of success than that of freezing them with liquid nitrogen. They can’t explain the odd solution but suggest that either the chemicals in the duct tape actually attack the wart itself or irritate the wart enough for the body to send immune cells to attack the foreign substance on the wart, the duct tape.
  1. Soothe irritated skin with oats. It’s true; oats have long had anti-inflammatory properties. Next time you’re feeling itchy due to allergies, eczema or another skin condition, load up the affected area with a solution of warm water and finely ground oatmeal and soak for 15 minutes. Not only will it reduce the inflammation, but oats are also thought to lower histamine levels, those naughty things that cause allergies.
  1. Olives can fight off nausea. Nausea can often be accompanied by vomiting, so when your body starts feeling a little sick, it increases its saliva production to help protect the teeth and mouth from the acidic contents of your stomach. Allegedly, olives contain tannins (those little critters also found in red wine that suck the moisture out of your mouth) and they work to dry out your mouth, helping to stave off nausea.
  1. Pencil biting relieves headaches. Doctors aren’t really sure why we do it, but when we’re stressed, we tend to clench our teeth in response, which can cause a tension headache. When we clench our jaws, we strain the muscles attached to the temples and boom: a headache is born. Next time you’re feeling stressed, reach for a pencil and gently place it between your teeth. Don’t bite down, simply allow the jaw muscles to relax for a few minutes, thereby relieving tension and reducing your pain.

Source: womansday.com

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