How To Use Makeup To Thin Your Face

How To Use Makeup To Thin Your Face

How To Use Makeup To Thin Your FaceLet’s face it — we didn’t all win the genetic lottery on great bone structure. Fortunately Mally Roncal, the makeup genius behind the faces of celebs like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, and the creator of Mally Beauty, gave us the low down on faking starlet-worthy cheekbones, a skinny chin and a nose they’ll make a plastic surgeon cry.

• For cheekbones that pop, sweep a sheer shimmer powder along the top of your cheekbones and just under your temples. This will highlight your bone structure to make it look more pronounced. Next, pucker up to find the hollows of your cheeks, then dust a deep nude blush in the sunken area just under the cheekbone. Now smile and apply a peachy blush using the “cinnamon bun method”—use circular motions, starting at the apple of the cheek and slowly make larger circles with the brush. Try Mally Beauty Shimmer, Shape and Glow Face Defining System, which has all three blush shades.

• To hide a double chin, you’ll need a contour powder which is a cool deep nude blush. It shouldn’t have any sparkles or warm undertones. We like: MAC Powder Blush in Strada Sweep it just behind your ear, then under your jawline and all the way to your chin. Make sure to gently blend the powder into your neck as to avoid an unsightly line. “This little trick creates a shadow, which in turn makes your chin look less noticeable,” says Roncal.

• If you want to make your nose less prominent, use a skinny crease brush and, starting at the inner part of your eyebrow, sweep a contour powder down both sides of your nose, over both nostrils. Join the lines under the tip of the nose. “Be sure to blend so you don’t see lines, just shadows,


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