Karachi Fashion Week 2011 Day 3

Iqra University School of Fashion & Design, Islamabad

These young students offered nothing out of the ordinary with their collection of cocktail dresses and gowns failing to have the required impact.


Anny Khan’s collection for women was one of the better ones of the night. The designer had models walking the ramp in black, mostly backless, gowns — perfect for an evening out on the town. This was followed by her floral creations in pastels ranging from pink to blue to yellow. Summery yet chic, is an apt way to describe this collection.

Samar Mehdi

The much awaited collection by Samar Mehdi disappointed the crowd. The collection brought on the ramp was ‘Purple Rain’ from an old shoot, and was a letdown for much of the audience who were hoping, and expecting, something new and innovative from the designer.

Arsalan and Yahseer

Arsalan Iqbal and Yahseer Javed, who launched their brand in 2006, brought forth their ‘Midnight Mischief’ collection for men. Tasteful and classy, the designer duo took inspiration from the 17th century style Englishman and the audience couldn’t help but think of Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) when they saw models walk the ramp in long overcoats, black blazers and suave grey suits complimented by tasteful neckties.


This men’s collection showcased an interesting array of cargo pants, with lungi-styled shalwars being the order of the day. The line toyed with muted colours in black, grey and mustard, while the gowns and cocktails dresses for women were primarily in blues, greens, black and yellows.


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