Remove facial freckles using natural home remedies

Home Remedies for removing Freckles

Remove facial freckles using natural home remediesFreckles are the small spots light brown in color. People with fair complexion are more prone to have these undesirable spots because the melanin content in their skin is relatively less when compared with people having the dark skin tone. These spots are very sensitive to harmful ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun thus are more prominent on those areas that are exposed to sun.These do not cause any health tribulations but hinders the good looks of the individual. Therefore, people want to get rid of freckles as soon as possible.

Fair skin people must be extra cautious of freckles. They must regularly apply the home made packs on face and body in order to keep their skin free from freckles. In case the spots are quite dark then these home remedies would make the freckles fade to quite a large extent. Just ensure that when the facial pack is let to dry, one should not make any kind of facial movements else it might result in skin wrinkles.
How to get rid of Freckles using natural remedies

Buttermilk to get rid of young freckles

Pat buttermilk on face and body having freckles. Allow the buttermilk to dry completely later wash it off with lukewarm water.

Red Radish remedy to eliminate sudden appearance of freckles

Grind the radish in the mixer or grate it, sieve the paste in the muslin cloth and take out the juice. Apply this juice on the face and neck. Let it remain on the skin for one hour. Afterwards wash with plain water.

Eliminate freckles using lemon juice

Lemon is excellent natural bleach. Apply it on the spots. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash with water.

Strawberries to remove age spots that covered in freckles

Wash 3-4 strawberries thoroughly under the running water. Put these in the mixer and make the paste using little water. Apply this juice on the face and body areas having the freckles. Let it dry completely. Once fully dried up, wash with water. Similarly, plain juice of cucumber and apricot is also very helpful in lightening the freckles.

Lightening the freckles

Cut the red onion into two. Rub it as it is twice a day on the freckles. It certainly would lighten the freckles as well as aging skin spots.

Al these are natural juices that would not leave any side effects unlike the chemically produced cosmetic products. Apart from these there are few packs that are quite effectual in making the freckles and age spot disappear from the skin. Only key to success through these remedies is continuous persistence.


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