Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

It’s only two days into the new year and you may have already broke your new year’s resolution. To loose weight loss, to quit smoking, it’s hard to keep a resolution for a few days, let alone the whole year.

According to Michael Dimas, a personal consultant, hypnosis is used as a method to help you do things faster and there really are no limits to what you can change in your life.

Michael has a big tip, stop making resolutions!

When the clock struck 12:01, chances are you made a new years resolution. The word resolution comes from the word resolve, meaning to do over and over again.

Michael says, “We never finish, we never succeed. We just do it over and over.”

Meaning you’re never going to keep that resolution. And what about making it a new years resolution?

“We do it now or we have to wait until next year. We can’t do it in August. We have to wait until the new year.”

Stop focusing on what you don’t want. Focus on what you desire.

“When you focus on what is wrong, you feel bad and you’ll have the tendency to produce more of that and not be focused on what you want.”

Michael recommends not making a resolution. If you’ve made new years resolutions in the past and not been successful, hypnosis may be for you. Maybe you made one 2 days ago and have already broken it.

“People were already asking me if I’ve broken my new years resolution and we’re only in day number 2 of the new year. Gyms, and goals are set at this time and by the end of the month, those goals aren’t showing up.”

To help you meet your goals, know what you want, don’t focus on things out of your control, and focus on the right here and now

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