King Khan to go under the knife

Mumbai (PTI): Actor Shah Rukh Khan will undergo a surgery to rectify the tear on his left shoulder in the next couple of days.

Sources close to the actor said that the shoulder injury had worsened during the shooting of Karan Johar’s ‘My Name is Khan’ in Los Angeles. The superstar who had undergone a major shoulder surgery a couple of years ago, had hurt himself while shooting for an action scene in ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ last year.

He was undergoing physiotherapy sessions before leaving for the US. Despite being advised surgery before he left, SRK postponed it because he did not want to delay Johar’s shooting. Sources said the injury had worsened during the shoot and when the actor returned home on Tuesday, the pain had aggravated.

He has not yet decided whether to go for the surgery in India or abroad and when. His home production ‘Biloo Barber’ releases on February 13 and Khan wants to promote the film aggressively, they said. Sources said he wanted to go in for a surgery after the release. But, doctors have advised him go for it immediately.

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