scene haircuts for girls with long hair

Long Emo Hairstyles For Girls

scene haircuts for girls with long hairA popular way to dramatize your facial features and bring out your Bohemian attitude is to flaunt an Emo make up & hairstyle. For those who are not acquainted with the term, ‘Emo’ is the abbreviated version of the emotional punk movement, which espouses an individual’s uniqueness and freedom of expression. Thus, a person who adopts an emo haircut expresses himself through his hair. Therefore, nothing that is commonplace is emo.  Easy to set, in case of both short and long hair, emo hairstyles have become a raging fad amongst the females. Check out this article to know about some trendy emo haircut styles for girls.

Long Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Long Emo
A long and disheveled look is what describes a long emo hair cut best. Here, the hairs are kept long and straight. Like in case of a short emo cut, the bangs are styled in a long fringe and then parted to one side of the face. You can sweep the bangs to any side, though a left parting that makes the bangs fall to the ride side of the face is more in style. Many girls also opt for a layered haircut that goes well with long bangs.

Emo Bangs
Long Emo Hairstyles For GirlsEmo bangs should underline the emo cut. For those with sleek and straight hair, achieving emo bangs is easy. The hair near the forehead is chopped off, so that they neatly fall forward, as long bangs. However, for those with frizzy and curly hair, it is difficult to bring out the actual look associated with emo bangs. Smoothening lotions like hair wax, hair gels, hair sprays and hair serums will help to control unruly bangs. Apart from that, hair straighteners and hair irons will also help to achieve true emo bangs.

Emo Highlights
Coloring the hair and adding highlights or streaks forms an important trademark of the emo cut. Usually, the bangs are highlighted in varying tones of light and dark colors. Unconventional hair colors, like deep red, blue and purple, are most popular amongst the emo lovers. Apart from highlighting the bangs, one can also highlight the shaggy layers. Another popular technique is to dye the color jet black or in an unusual shade and top it with highlighted bangs.


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