Stylish Idea for Long Hair

Stylish Idea for Long Hair

Stylish Idea for Long Hair  For long hair there is not only a common hairstyle called braid. You can make your braid fashionable and stylish with your practice and by our guidance. One if this type of stylish hairstyle is draped chignon. This is elegant and at the same time perfect for evening outing.

Comb your hair and part that in the center from the forehead and to the crown of your head. Now tie your back hair into a ponytail. And secure the low ponytail with a covered band. After this braid your ponytail loosely into a plait. Thy way of braiding is simple as usual. Take the right strand of hair over the center strand. Then take the left strand over the right strand. Now take right over the center and so on. Continue this process to the end. Secure it with a band. Tuck the end under the around in a loop and secure with grips.

The side hair is free so comb those locks carefully. Pick up the hair and curve it back to the loop if ponytail. Swirl this hair over and under the loop and finally grip it with bands. The same process must be done with the right side of hair. Thus make your whole hair tied into the ponytail loop and have a draped chignon look for your long and straight hair.

You have to have 5 to 10 minutes to complete his whole process. It is easy for those who tie a braid in their long hair. Long and straight hair is appropriate for this hairstyle. You will need a styling comb, covered band and grips to complete this chignon hairstyle. His is all about the particular style.

Now another elegant and beautiful looking hairstyle for long and smooth hair will be discussed. If you have long hair but that is not voluminous then it is not very difficult to give it a stylish look. Even you cannot able to free fall it. It will be looking like rope hanging on your shoulder. You just need to have a dryer with diffusers attachments with long straight prongs. This will add to your hair the desired voluminous ness and your hair will be looking dense.

Long thick hair looks generally uncontrolled and often it tangles easily. It is very difficult to have a voluminous hair and a controlled hair. To get that look at first shampoo your hair and then condition your hair. Comb your hair parting it down the center. Now attach a diffuser with long prongs to your dryer. Now dry your hair with this prong in a striking movement. With a direct airflow your hair will be dried and have a smoothing effect. If you want a maximum volume then slide the prongs through the hair and then rotate the appliance i.e. the diffuser. Repeat this until you have the desired volume. If you want to add the volume at the sides and top then slide the prongs through the hair to the roots at the crown and finally rotate he diffusers. This will make your hair extra voluminous and densest.


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