Make Your Own Hair Accessories

Make Your Own Hair Accessories

Make Your Own Hair AccessoriesYou are in a hurry and you just can’t find just the right hair clip or barrette… Sounds familiar? Well, why not make your own?

Let’s start with the smallest hair decorations: bobby pins.

You can buy packs of these for quite a low price. Just get the plain black ones and decorate them with nail polish to create nice hair clips. Nail polish is the best to use as it dries quickly so you can do last minute changes.

You can also try painting stripes on. Use sparkly or metallic polish for interesting effects. Then you can also add tiny rhinestones, available at your local craft store, while the polish is still wet. Hold the stones in place until the polish dries around them. You may need to reapply them at a later date. Tiny glass beads can also be used for an interesting effect.

The larger hair clips that bend to snap into your hair will not take beads and rhinestones very well. They will tend to fall off due to the flexing of the clip, but you have lots of room for painting on designs! Use a toothpick to help you make tiny designs on the clip. You can do zebra stripes, polka dots and letters on these. Let your imagination take over.

How about large hair barrettes?

These are the metal ones that have a spring clip at the bottom. You can buy packages of them at the local craft store. These are lots of fun to decorate! Go ahead and experiment, you will surprise yourself


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