Baby Hair Accessories

Baby Hair AccessoriesKids Hair Accessories Ideas

While selecting baby hair accessories, opt for only those that fit easily on her hair and are not too tight. Also look for options that do not keep slipping off all the while. Try to go for reputed brands that use soft and safe products. Here are a few accessories that you may use to adorn your little angel.

Baby Headbands or Head wraps

Among the wide variety of hair accessories, headbands are one of the most favorite among kids because of the ease they offer. Try headbands that are made of the softest, most comfortable and high quality materials. Choose from the wide range of butterfly headbands, flower headbands or bow headbands but always prefer cotton or woolen fabric over the synthetic ones for your bay’s ease.

Baby Hairbows

Bitty girls need Bows, too!! Hairbows are a great option for tiny girls with just little locks of hair to be held or to be worn one on each side as a stylish accent. Pick a comfortable hair bow that gives a great splash of color to the matching outfit. Choose flower bows, butterfly bows, bows with cartoon characters or bows with fruits! Korkers are also one of the trendy styles that are in. These are brightly colored and curled fabric ribbons that can be simply tucked to form a hair bow.


If your girl has slightly long hair that keeps falling on her eyes, then clips are a great choice. Since, made of plastic or metals, they must not be fastened too tightly on the baby head. There are countless options of hairclips available in baby stores; pick your favorite flower clips, bow clips, funny clips, love heart clips or the dazzling and glittery jeweled clips. You can also accentuate your girl’s hair with velcros and barrette clips.

Fashion Hats-n-Caps

All mommies would agree that the most challenging headwear for baby girls is hats-n-caps. Kids are so twitchy that they just won’t let caps and hats remain on their heads and will throw them off the moment you fasten it. So try the trick of a very soft and comfortable fastening device that does not bother the baby. You can choose the most stylish bonnets, quaint little ball caps or cotton pull-down caps. You can also choose crocheted hats that will keep your darling cozy and cute. You can even weave a clip, a bow or a flower through the material.

Crown-N-Tiaras For The Princess

How about the age old fairy dress-up for your little one on the next special occasion? To team up with the elite fairy costume, you can fancy a little tiara or a jeweled crown on her head. These elegant tiaras feature dainty lace or jewel work to blossom her charm even more.


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