Mistakes You Make Each Morning

Mistakes You Make Each Morning

Mistakes You Make Each MorningLet’s not mistake the early morning for an easy task. Though there are some who manage to jump effortlessly from slumber to the bathroom sink, this particular breed hails from alien planets and possess superhuman powers to resist the all-too-common mayhem that is our morning routine. For the rest of us, who happen to stumble and scorch ourselves with hot coffee, here’s a check list of the little things.

#1 Waking Up On the Right Side Of The Bed

The first and biggest mistake most commonly made at the day’s beginning is starting off on the wrong foot. After an unappetizing dream, a poor sleep or a generally stressful set of days, the mindset with which we greet the morning is absolutely essential. Famed author of 30 bestselling books, motivational speaker and PHD, Dr. Wayne Dyer has assembled a series of morning meditations addressing the importance of this exact moment. Starting with a prolonged ‘Ah’ sound, Dyer says the following words to himself: “I know that I can connect my mind with the divine mind and guarantee myself peace in any moment.” By coming up with a morning mantra, you immediately increase your chances of creating a positive and fulfilled day.

#2 Immediate Hydration

After you’ve told yourself a positive affirmation, your immediate next step should be reaching for a bottle of water on your bedside. Do your best to drink the entire portion before addressing another task. The effect of water on your metabolism in the morning is monumental, waking up your digestive system before dehydrating it with your much needed coffee.

#3 Bathroom Breakdowns

Create a morning routine in the bathroom of rinsing your face with Luke warm water and a drop of soap. Even if you’re not inclined to utilize an expensive face wash, your skin craves water as do plants – constantly.

#4 Breakfast

For some of us, eating breakfast regularly can be a considerable challenge. But, while our bodies may not feel hungry, skipping the first meal of the day is a notable detriment for those interested in maintaining a healthy metabolism (i.e. hopefully, everyone). It doesn’t need to be a hefty helping of eggs and side sausage. In fact, eating a small piece of fruit, yogurt, small bowl of oatmeal or egg-white omelet is better for your body than bombarding it with heavy fats and carbohydrates such as those generally found in typical ‘American breakfasts.’ And for those of us on the run, easy-to-grab yogurts and bananas, leave no excuse.

#5 Vitamins

Vitamins are rarely considered as an essential staple of our daily routine, let alone in the hectic morning, but by simply swallowing a few tablets with your morning meal you motivate bodily health immediately. Try a double dose of Vitamin C for superb energy and Vitamin D (organically found in the feeling given to us by natural sunlight) for healthy blood levels. After a few weeks of consistently reminding yourself to power up with pill capsules in the morning, your body will chart an apparent difference in abundance of energy.

#6 Caffeine Overload

While the first few hours of a day seem to challenge our eyelids’ ability to remain open at the office desk, over-fueling on caffeine is one of the worst and most common mistakes made by working individuals. By artificially stimulating the senses at such a fast and intense rate, it communicates to our bodies a dependency on the substance that you won’t be able to shake for the day’s remainder. Moreover, caffeine highs always result in devastating lows, causing you to crawl back to the coffee pot and repeat the sick cycle all over again.

#7 Screen Addiction

Though we are now accustomed to leaning over and instantly checking the interface of our iPhones, setting our eyes against a screen first thing in the morning molds our brain’s agility for the rest of the day. Upon waking and saying aloud an affirmation to yourself, look out the window, focus your eyes on the sky outside, stand outside for a minute and inhale the coming day. This way, when you are ready to reach for your Smartphone, your prior personal peace will save you from even the most overwhelming situations.

#8 Exercise

Getting physical activity in the AM hours is one of the most inspiring and beneficial ways to begin a day. Not only does it activate your metabolism and motivate your body to effortlessly digest throughout the day, it also focuses you mentally. By overcoming the mental obstacle of forcing yourself into physical challenge, you prove to yourself your ability to conquer tasks your brain fears. More than that, the endorphins released as a result provide better positivity than any caffeine could manage.

#9 Deodorants

Whether or not you support the wearing of cologne, deodorant is an important pit spot (pun intended). Nothing’s worse than rushing to work, throwing yourself at your office desk and glancing down only to see a sweat ring releasing terrible fumes for onlookers in the surrounding area to suffer from. To be careful, it’s best to keep a stick tucked away in your desk drawer or glove compartment.

#10 Brush Your Teeth

Though it sounds terribly elementary to tell an adult about the importance of teeth brushing, a recent survey revealed that the total days on average an American spends brushing their teeth is 38.5. Moreover, 50% of people confessed that a smile is the first noticed facial feature, which should motivate you to keep yours from yellowing.

#11 Stretch Your Sleep Limbs

Stretching every morning can increase your overall flexibility by leaps and bounds. Simply stand up straight, inhale your arms up, bend over at the waist and gently reach for your toes. Though it may feel straining, do your best to breathe into the stretch rather than against it. You should feel a slight pull in your hamstrings, which can also be found by doing this stretch on the ground, legs stretched out long before you, while bending forward at the waist. To loosen hip and groin tightness sit with the soles of your feet together and gently push your knees toward the ground.

#12 Visualize

Along with morning meditation is a mental habit known as “visualization.” This entails calming your senses and stepping into an emotional reality of your projected desires, whether it’s snagging that promotion or climbing Yosemite. This act of experiencing, in all five senses, your ultimate goal, guides your body, mind and heart toward achieving this dream. Close your eyes, visualize your intended place, feel the surroundings, smell the air there, taste the delectable meal and memorize this feeling in your body. As a result, you are subconsciously constantly connected with your greater life goal and driving force.

#13 Write It Out

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